Be an Eco Traveller

  • By exploring unpopular travel destinations, you can have a unique trip experience
  • Avoid leaving negative marks on the local culture, economy & environment factors
  • Turn off electrical items & unplug all household appliances while roaming outside & save energy
  • Utilize public transport which is more enjoyable & sustainable way to know the local ambience
  • Choose locally produced food – snacks items which are much tastier & more sustainable option
  • Try to refill your water bottle. It is better than buying packaged plastic containers everytime
  • Use minimum amount of water needed for shower, don’t let water run while shaving, brushing
  • Reuse your towel & bed sheet by requesting the staffs not to change them every day
  • Utilize options that do not require batteries. Go for solar / rechargeable batteries if possible
  • Ask about environmental policies & ask the staffs whether they support any community projects
  • Return used plastic bottles, wrappers, foil pacs, etc waste on your way back to home
  • Learn a few words in local language & use them while traveling. Experience the difference
  • Read up on local conventions & dress properly. In major cases modest dress is preferred
  • Be respectful to the other’s privacy. Ask for permission before entering any private places
  • Be sensitive to when & where you take photo or video of local people. Always ask first
  • Always follow the designated trails. Support conservation. Never harass animals
  • Buy local handicrafts but never encourage products made from endangered animals
  • Don’t engage in aggressive bargaining for souvenirs. Do not short-change on tips for services
  • Do not encourage beggers. Try to donate to a proper charity home after checking their work
  • Enrich your experience & support the local economy. Ask for local & licensed guides

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